Core Vibrations – A sound approach to energy healing

The words used for this explanation of BRCIVH™ are from an interview with Anthony Kilner published in Supernal Magazine Australia in the July 2019 issue which can be read HERE.

Core Vibrations – A sound approach to energy healing by Jane Offer

What is Bridging Realms Core Issue Vibrational Healing™?

BRCIVH™ is a system of using instruments, crystals and energetic healing to help people to work through energy, physical and mental crisis. It includes a range of skills to help people understand their dis-ease and to get their mind, body and energy working together as one.
The energy fields of the seven major chakras are measured for output with divining rods, noting energy movement. Once the measurements are taken, we chat about what that means.
Most people understand the physical reasons for ailments but don’t always understand just how the chakras work with the body’s endocrine system. For example, the base chakra is connected with the genital areas of the physical body and so on up through the body.
The chakras also have metaphysical meanings; for example, the base chakra is all about our fight and flight responses. The chakras have different frequencies based around colour which adds another dimension to the process. Everything is interconnected.
At this point the mind aspect comes into play and that often means discussing with the client how they feel and, with time, it helps identify the core issue of a person’s problems.
When a person understands the concept, then consciously understands what is causing their physical and energetic problems, they feel more in control on a consciousness level, helping the person to affect their own healing.

Where did the concept of BRCIVH™ come from?

Spirit gave me the idea whilst living and studying in India. BRCIVH™ is a sequence, a process of understanding that makes it unique.

What skill sets allow you to work in BRCIVH™?

Years ago, at a Native American Indian workshop, I was blown away by the flute and the drum. William Two Feather explained how they were used for self-help during life. I bought my first flute from America and started learning it, following on with hand drums, Tibetan and crystal bowls and more.
I studied Reiki/Seichim, trance healing, vibrational healing, qualified as a masseur, studied muscle distress and, in India, my skills were enhanced using bowls, oils and colour.
My study included the body’s endocrine system, working with divining rods and crystals as well as counselling courses, First Aid and CPR. It’s all part of my multi-faceted take on helping people.
There’s the empath side of myself too which helps and, being a medium and working with spirit healers, adds to the mix. It’s been many years of learning.

Are you a doctor or qualified to make a diagnosis?

I am not a doctor and I DO NOT make any diagnosis. In fact, I often refer people back to their doctor or other medical and counselling professionals for help. I take a very holistic and integrative approach to people’s wellbeing.
I have studied extensively over the years and, with my own life experience, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge to discuss issues openly.

Has BRCIVH™ been taught anywhere?

BRCIVH™ as a modality by itself, has never been taught. To date I have taken two students through the training program, which is being developed.The training takes months of work as each person undergoes their own journey and learns the skills required to work in the field competently and professionally.

How long does a session take and what does it cost?

A session typically takes 1.5 hours plus. It really depends on the person and what they are seeking help with. The cost is $200.00 (February 2020).

You must be very excited by the thought that you can teach practitioners this method and will soon make it available to the public for help and support?

I am. it’s exciting to bring together ancient and modern knowledge together to help people feel healthy and well balanced. Plus, knowing the difference it can make to people’s lives, I am honoured to be part of that.

How can people book an appointment or enrol for the course?

Appointments are available now and people can register their intent to enrol. People can contact me via email